Introducing KOTI Originals

Our own range of apparel, KOTI Originals, for the rider in everyone.

And go…..

A tremendous amount of time has been lovingly spent trawling through numerous (and we really mean NUMEROUS) products to find something in which we believe in, to create the foundation of the KOTI Originals collection.

When you’re searching for the finest of details from fabrics to fits, pigments, sustainability and onto what just looks down-right cool, it is no easy task. When something is crystal clear in your head, getting it out into reality becomes an obsession.

The KOTI Originals collection is launching with those winter must haves, a nod to what is to come and very appreciated handshake of support to our new home for the moto culture. Launching a vibe, a feeling, a dream on a flat screen is a tough gig but we’re coming!!!

It’s a platform for us to grow our own style, to provide you with what you want! Chapter one is heading your way….

King of the Idiots

KOTI, what does it mean? (£1 in the pot please!) 

We like the throw away, its whatever you want it to mean, but flippancy aside its Finnish for home! Nope, we aren’t Finnish, but home is exactly what the dream is. Throw in the wild card from Urban Dictionary and you’ll find “King of the idiots”. I mean let's face it, hanging onto an engine with a couple of wheels attached and a tank full of highly flammable liquid is madness but, so many are missing out on this freedom enabling, exhilarating, heart racing experience. Who really is the King of the Idiots? Us? All hanging on to our machines or those that don't know what they're missing...

The prism insignia

No fat cheques were signed or exchanged in the making of our core brand identity. Born over drinks (both coffee and alcohol), meals and passionate conversations about the release of just getting out and riding. We spitballed and selected it because we love it, featuring on all our products as a nod to the humble roots where it all began, in a home! It’s a stamp of belonging, so come join us, the key’s in the ignition. 


No Fuss, just plain talking. The Script logo was born from simplifying our Prism Insignia, to give us a fuss free addition. We've included “EST. 2020”, because, let's face it, none of us are ever going to forget this year!.

This limited run launch apparel is just the start, the product possibilities in our KOTI brain continues….