REVIVE Auto Apothecary

Bike Care from KOTI Autotalli powered by REVIVE

 There are a lot of companies out there in the auto care world, from Muc-Off and Motul in the biker specific sphere to Meguiar's and Auto Glym in the more car specific world of motor care. The fact is all these guys do one hell of a job in developing great products which are easy to use for the auto enthusiast, to help us all at home protect our pride and joy, whether thats a bike, car or both.

So why haven't we gone down the road of reaching out to one of these giant auto care companies to stock their products and help you take care of your machine?

Well, that might be a question to answer later on, once we've introduced you to the out and out product of choice for KOTI Autotalli to use on our own collection... REVIVE Auto Apothecary. We've hopped on our bikes and taken a trip down to their HQ to document the entire process they've created and stringently follow, just so you can see the care and attention that goes into this range. It's worth taking the time to tell you a little detail on them now before we get into the why.

Back in early 2017 a team of top chemists, car enthusiasts and professional detailers were assembled, they then went back to basics and using first principles to develop a different kind of auto detailing products.

The desire for them was to create specialist cleaning, preservation and restoration products in complete harmony with the traditional build of classic cars while making use of the latest advances in chemical science. All of this would be hand measured, mixed, bottled, packaged and distributed by the same team of chemists and enthusiasts who created it, in the UK.

The result of all this blood sweat and tears was REVIVE. Launching a range of exceptional auto detailing products developed by experts, delivered with the support of award-winning detailers and endorsed by classic car collectors in 2017.

REVIVE Auto Apothecary took part of its name from the term for the world’s early dedicated chemists and pharmacists whose innovative experiments led to major advances in scientific knowledge. These original apothecaries paved the way for the development of the science and technology that would ultimately allow the manufacture of the classic motorcycles and cars that we all wish to preserve and revive today.

REVIVE exists to inspire and help its users learn the best ways to clean, protect and maintain their motors in the finest condition using only the most appropriate products for each element of the task.

Now you can achieve perfection on your machine by using this clearly defined range of auto detailing products with their easy-to-follow instructions complete with informative walk-though explanations of how to use REVIVE products to best effect.

At Revive, the team are constantly researching, designing and developing new products, with the aim to provide user friendly, high quality, and outstanding performing products as standard. The next phase is to fill those gaps we need for our bikes in the form of brake cleaners, engine/frame protectants and chain cleaners.

They research, design, test and manufacture all products in-house at REVIVE HQ based in the heart of the Cotswolds. The state-of-the-art Laboratory and testing facility enables them to create their outstanding range, and every single one of the products are handmade in small batches in this manufacturing unit. REVIVE chemists stringently test every batch to ensure that only the finest quality products reach customers.

So then, what we have here is an immensely passionate team of experts making their dreams come true. Just like we are doing at KOTI Autotalli and this synergy is only one of the emotive ties we have with REVIVE. 

The core focus of this range from REVIVE is squared strongly towards the car care industry and as a business, this makes perfect sense as there are far more cars out on the roads with much higher quantity demands attached per vehicle due to the sheer size. But don't write them off just yet as not having the products you need for your bike... the materials we have on our bikes are near enough to identical to those on a car and the difference we generally face is that our application of products differs slightly due to inaccessibility and not being able to use that jet wash we have at home on the same pressure level as you would washing the car or cleaning the patio. Leaving us reliant on the product to do the work for us while we sit and watch. 

We have spent an immensely enjoyable but enormous amount of time with the guys discussing the intricacies and differentials of caring for bikes vs cars, and with the advantage of these guys being chemists, they explain the contents of each product and what those bare ingredients contained in each, do to help us cut through the grim without tarnishing the metal or rubbers of our machines whilst leaving them easy to use. Having said all this, we can whole heartedly and full of confidence state, these products are not only what we want to have displayed in all their stunning packaging on the shelves in our workshop, but they are the products we trust to care for our collection of bikes and recommend to you.

On to that packaging... well, just look at the design, thought and considerations that have gone into the packaging alone, beautiful isn't it? Don't for a second look at this and think anyone can package up a turd in a pretty box and sell it. The same level of in-depth expertise has gone into the products held within this carefully considered packing.

Well then, back to why these guys? The simple answer to that question is, REVIVE are an amazing collection of chaps with an outright passion for motor care and the products both in appearance and application are completely stand out. Mix that in with all things British which are involved within development, manufacturing, packing and distribution, along with their Cotswolds HQ, we couldn't have picked a better partner to take care of our collection and recommend to you.
Take our word for it, the REVIVE portfolio has all the required products in the range to tackle every job on your bike and some for your apparel or riding gear. Drop us a line if you'd like to chat through which products you require to achieve that perfect finish on your machine. For now though, take care of yourself and have that bike ready to hit the road the moment the lights go green...