What's it all about? Part II

What is KOTI Autotalli? Who are we? Where are we?

Having covered the "What?" in Part.I let's move onto the Who for Part.II.

So, who the bloody hell are we? What on earth links us into the crazy and exciting world of moto culture? Well we're, an eclectic mix of disciplines from the automotive and fashion spheres, brought together by the unexplainable circumstances of the year that was 2020 and bonded by an immense passion to deliver something exceptional in the Cotswolds for the motor community (2 and 4 wheeled, sometimes 3!). There are only the two of us (for the time being) working towards bringing KOTI Autotalli into the real (so real you can touch it) world. So far, we've managed to bring the digital side to life but there is far more to come even in that space. The online store is only the beginning, but further details on what you can expect to see coming out of the digital arm of KOTI Autotalli are to be released very soon - keep your eyes peeled! 

For now, let's get into our personal attributes, traits, and passions. With there being only the two of us, it makes this somewhat easy as we can cut the intros right down the middle. One's from the auto world and the other from the world of fashion and textiles tech.

Right then... let's start off with Becci! She's spent the past 20 years submerged in the clothing, fabric and fashion world. Having said that, in reality it's probably forever, being born into a family business for leather goods, Becci has grown up with retail in her blood. This has instilled the foundation and passion within her for fabrics and their possibilities, alongside a hunger to design and develop, she pushes the technical and creative boundaries. Creativity and science aren’t often associated as being in harmony with each other as disciplines, but Becci feels at home everywhere from London Fashion week, to a far-flung fabric mill or engrossed in a test house creating data and analysing performance. Becci's rap sheet displays a diverse and fulfilling career from technical bullet proof vest development for the military, to silver fibre innovation and sustainability research for the nappy market, and onto creative denim and jacket buying for a retail giant. If the former wasn't diverse enough, she's also covered fabric buying and technologist for leading lingerie brands as well as founding and delivering full collections for the automotive leisure industry. Having been a part of so many drastically varied areas within the Industry, Becci has brought, as a founder, an invaluable knowledge and expertise to KOTI Autotalli. She's got the technical knowledge, the approachable personality which just bloody loves people (when our doors are open and you want to chat, she's your gal!) and basically in summary, she has the vision to see the big picture creatively, technically and ultimately the core expertise in how the textiles we rely on to keep our safety in check on the bike, are developed and made, how they work and what is best to take care of us all. Nothing fazes this one!

Jumping onto the auto side, now's the time to introduce Ben. He's been an absolute motor head, gear head, petrol head from birth (well... almost, 6/7 months old at least) and the impression of oil, petrol and rubber burning away while machines were thrown round tracks in front of his eyes, has pathed the way for his life to date. Having taken the passion for everything with a motor into his early professional career working within motorsports, he moved into the world of OEM global launch events in 2011, covering everything from performance vehicles on circuits throughout Europe, to being buried under 2m of snow below the northern lights in Iceland and touring the landscapes of Arizona (life truly elevated) crawling over rocks and mountains, bringing the latest cutting edge vehicles to life in front of the global press. The time came and the move then took place for Ben to go from the 4 wheeled world and drop onto 2 wheels, heading to a motorcycle OEM and taking care of the experiential events arm for the International division. Having spent the past 16 years of his professional carrier engaged deeply in the motor culture and specifically the last 10 year working globally for OEM's close to product development, manufacturing and creatively managing International marketing/PR, it's fair to say Ben's embedded in the world of motors.

Now then, it's been great taking the time to introduce you to the creators of KOTI Autotalli, but how does any of this translate into a reason to care, or give a shit about what's coming? Well, having provided you with an insight into the level of experience and expertise that form the foundations of KOTI Autotalli, we truly hope you can envision the type of experience you'll personally receive when you walk through our doors, shop with us online or engage with our content, not to mention the events we'll be hosting once the world is ready.

For now, take care and enjoy the ever-extended time we've been gifted to spend with our families. Catch you on the road soon.