Don't get caught in the wrong clothing this winter

Its brisk outside to say the least...

Many of us have wrapped our machines up for the winter, longingly waiting for spring to arrive. While the four walls close in and a stroll or dog walk are the only means of escaping right now, we have a range of multi-functional layers to keep you cosy and eagerly awaiting your first ride out.

If you’re making the most of those quieter roads, muddy tracks and generally embracing the season, we have some treats to layer up and keep you warm! So, what have we got? Let's introduce you to our favourites.

Deus Ex Machina's Mackay Fleece in both Black and Olive Green

We see fleece and think 90’s, take that as you wish, it’s a love hate debate we’re happy to engage in - email away! This one though is next level, its thick, dense, soft, and we won’t be apologising for loving it! It’s an extra warm layer with a bonded backing to keep the wind out. Moving on to a little about the construction, fleece works by creating a comfortable layer of insulation, designed to hold your body heat in by trapping air in the pockets between its fibres. This helps to warm air next to your body. Standard fleece is normally just polyester and it’s the clever construction and brushing that creates the magic effect, but Deus have added a little extra, of course! They've added a spattering of cotton, which is softer, smoother and breathable, we don’t need to spell out why this addition is a bonus.

Jacket, coat, fleece, jumper or an additional layer, whatever you want to call it and however you choose to use it, the Mackay is functional and a fantastic winter wardrobe addition!

SA1NT's Hooded Bomber Jacket in Black

Made for the crisp mornings and rainy days, SA1NT says it as it is! Developed as part of their workwear range, but don't let this limit it's appeal, as much as we all love to be on the road, jumping off our machines doesn’t mean we have to leave our identity behind. This gem is made with an extra tough CORDURA® Twill. This stuff was designed and created for the harshest environments and survival, it's used by the military, aviation and safety clothing specialists just to name a few. This stuff is proper tough with air jet blasted fibres creating a ridged texture to enable these fibres to lock together tightly, mixed with the twill construction, this stuff isn’t budging without a fight! Twill weaves pack the yarns tightly together making it thicker, super strong and using our fabric tech expertise to pass on the knowledge to you, it doesn’t hold onto dirt, it brushes straight off! Stuffed full of thermal poly wadding and finished with a water-resistant coating you’ll be both warm and dry.

This jacket screams the frustrations that online shopping poses for us all, it really does look and feel incredible in the flesh, it’s just hard (bloody impossible in-fact) to capture its true style in a picture. Take our word for it, it’s stylish, it's timeless and we really don’t think you'd be disappointed one tiny bit! We'll finish on pockets, it has all the pockets in all the right places!


Bike Shed's Canvas Jacket in Charcoal 

Protective wear - NOPE, stylish YES. Simple does as simple says and this is one of those items. It's 100% cotton inside and out, with a light quilted lining to keep the chill at bay. There's no hiding the classic workwear roots this jacket came from, with a few twists to add to the charm. Sails were one of the first uses for canvas, it probably donned Christopher Columbuses Caravels as he discovered the world and with the adventurer in all of us aside, it just looks really cool! Back to the jackets features, canvas has a naturally water repellent characteristic due to the density and construction of the plain weave and is pretty wind resistant too! So, wind out, warmth in, rain off and good enough for all the great late explorers (and us!)

Kytone's Pot'Cho Poncho/Jacket

Ok it’s not really a jacket but it really is a multifunctional master designed to protect you from the elements! This Millerian waxed fabric is one that sings British fabric heritage, Kytone have taken this tech and applied it to this waxed and wonderful smelling product. Crafted here in the UK and 6 generations on, the waxed British Millerain has had its finishing machinery patent since 1890. It's tough and will undoubtably keep you dry!

What is it though? Well it’s a poncho, you can wear it both ways, style it out as a Mexican sunshine dream poncho with the “out there and don’t care” woven cotton lining on display, or turn it around and it'll keep you dry as a bone. Park up and picnic in style or with the carefully designed eyelets on this item, attach one end to your bike, the other to the ground and create a shelter and go camping for the brave!

With the leather straps keeping it tightly rolled and secure, it's bike ready and may just be the piece of gear you never thought you needed but trust us, you just have to have it!

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the winter wonders you'll find in our store, but a little whistle stop tour of our top picks! As promised our store is filled with products we love, believe in and we hope you do too! We’re here for any questions and ready for the fleece debate...