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      Golden Era of Racing

      When Bikers reminisce about racing no era dominates more than the late 1980s and early 90s. Riders like  Doohan, Gardner, Lawson, Mamola, Rainey, Schwantz, Spencer battled on NSR Hondas, YZR Yamahas and RGV Suzukis in some of the most iconic colour schemes we’ve ever seen. 

      Racing was wheel to wheel, the bikes were beasts, un-rideable no quarter asked or given. From the 500cc World Championship to the Transatlantic Challenge – Racers were stars – legends in leathers who risked life and limb. This was racing at its best – the high point where the best battled for 2-stroke dominance. 

      To celebrate this era of Motorcycle racing we created the Heritage Racer Chrono Watch. Designed to replicate some of the most iconic race paint schemes from the world of GP racing. Each Heritage Racer Chrono Watch design is strictly limited to 500 units worldwide.